viernes, 3 de febrero de 2017

Through Night and Black Forests

To Thee Daughters of Mine, My Beloved One,

You should never forget who you are.

Look back to the Glorified Image,
There's no Shame on That, but in Self (Indulging) Oblivion.

The Symbol you Chose.
The Wife and Mother.
The Defending Sword Who Tried to Remain Sharp.
Ultimately, your Image in your First Fountain.

Never Forget Who You Are,
Who You Dreamt You Would Be,
Even Through Black Night and Rainy Forest,
Through the Fogs of Time, Loss, Fatigue and Temptation.

Remember the Path, Remember the Light.
A Hundred Times the Memory of Light has been all that was Needed
To Succeed in the Strife.

You Will Remain.
I am With You.
And With Us,
The Memory of Them Before Us,
The Strenght of Our Vow.
We Will Remain.

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